(Linux) System Architect

Career objective

Motivated and passionate IT engineer with 10 years of experience, looking forward a new position, where he can use his skills and experiences in research and engineering or as a team leader.


2003: maîtrise d’informatique (master’s degree in computer science)Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis
mathematics, algorithmic, programming, project management, system architecture

2001: Licence d’informatique (bachelor degree in computer science) – Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis
mathematics, algorithmic, programming, system administration (Linux, Solaris, MS Windows)

2000: DEUG MIAS (two-year university degree in sciences) – Université de Nice Sophia- Antipolis
mathematics, electronic and computer sciences


french (main language), fuent english, german, norwegian (basic).


2011: training on «Isilon Administration»
2010: training for Brocade BCNE
2007: training on “database management with MS SQL Server 2005”


  • Systems and networks management, system architecture, used to work in environment with strong constraints on high availability and high performances
  • Project and team management
  • Database management
  • Virtualization

Operating systems : Linux (Debian, RedHat/CentOS, Gentoo, SuSE), MS Windows (basic knowledge of versions 2003 and 2008), knowledge of various BSD (FreeBSD, OpenBSD).
Scripts and programming languages : shell, Python, C, PHP, Perl
E-mail systems : SMTP (postfx, exim), POP3/IMAP (dovecot), message fltering (sieve, procmail), fltering of spam and virus (spamassassin, amavis)
Security : VPN (OpenVPN, OpenSwan/IPSec), GnuPG, SSL/TLS (openssl)
Network : TCP/IP, VLAN, loadbalancing (Linux IPVS, haproxy), Brocade/Foundry, Cisco, 3Com
Storage and file sharing : Samba (CIFS), NFS, FTP, advanced knowledge of Isilon storage systems
Services : DNS (bind), HTTP (apache, nginx, squid), streaming (icecast, wowza media server, adobe fash media server), knowledge of many ways to transform a multimedia fle with fmpeg and VLC
Virtualization : VirtualBox, VMWare eSXi, Xen, Linux KVM/libvirt, docker
Databases : MySQL/MariasDB, MS SQL Server 2005, Redis, memcached

Work experience

Since June 2015: System Architecht – Rentabiliweb/Dalenys (NL)

Part of the team in charge of the management and improvement of various systems (application servers, database servers, streaming, …). Also have to help developers to properly use these systems.

January 2015 to May 2015: mobile streaming specialist – self employed (FR)

Specification of a mobile streaming platform which is embedded in private airliners.
Specification includes both system, network (mostly wi-fi) and encoding (for live and on-demand contents).

From may 2012 to may 2014: System & network engineer – Smartjog (FR)

Smartjog is a french CDN (also known as Arkena since january 2014), part of the media services unit of group TDF

I incorporated SmartJog’s infrastructure team where I continue my duties for Yacast Media and take part of my new team activities. I recently switched to the CDN operations team where I act as a CDN expert.

From april 2009 to december 2012: System & network engineer – Yacast Media (FR)

Yacast Media was a french CDN, bought in may 2012 by Smartjog

In charge of the “Open Source“part of Yacast Media’s streaming platforms (radio, TV, video on demand). Tasks included day to day admin, customer support, evolution and improvement of existing services, development of new services and performance tuning.

From october 2005 to april 2009: System & network administrator – ATEME (FR)

ATEME is a french high-tech company, creating solutions around video (encoding and CCTV)

Part of team of 3 engineers/technicians in charge of the company’s IT. Tasks also included some software development (PHP/Perl/Python), and support to the users located in the diferent ofces abroad (UK, USA, Canada, China, Japan).


Sports: rugby, sailing, cross country skying
Hobbies: reading, traveling, cooking
From march 2012 to july 2014 : member of heimdall.net (non proft organization).
From may 2005 to may 2006: benevolent system administrator at “Résidence Universitaire Lantéri”

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